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Singing Competition

Date: 22-04-2013
Author: Arma-secreta

Singing Competition ?

Salve Capoeiristas!

As most of you already know, we are going to have a singing competition very soon!

I hope you all have chosen a song by now - if you're unsure what to sing or don't know the lyrics just ask Professor. ? 

If you're feeling confident, you will have the chance to play an instrument and sing at the same time.  

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, so get practising - we're expecting the voices of angels Innocent


Professor is back from Brazil and Turkey

Date: 22-04-2013
Author: Arma-secreta

Great News!

After many years of training tirelessly Professor has now graduated to the next level as a capoeirista.  

He went to Brazil for his batizado and received his Instructor corda!! 

Parabens and Congratulations Professor Cool


Axe Capoeira at the Paralympics!

Date: 19-09-2012
Author: Tubarao

Since May this year, Professor Marcus Cabeça has been working with the company organising the performance for the Brazilian part of the flag handover of the closing ceremony of the Paralympics. He has been organising and coordinating the participation of members of the capoeira community in this amazing event.

Professor Marcus Cabeça is centre stage, holding the berimbau. Two of his students also took part and performed, watch out for them! Watch the video here: