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MYOB - Make Your Own Berimbau

Date: 29-11-2014
Author: Admin

MYOB – Make Your Own Berimbau


Instructor Marcus Cabeça will deliver his famous Berimbau Workshop where he will teach you:

-          History of Berimbau (did you know there are more than 500 types of berimbaus in Africa?)

-          A few types of wood used to make a Berimbau

-          The difference of Cabaça & Coité?

-          What do you need (materials) to make your own Berimbau?

-          How to make your own Berimbau?

-          Why do we need a tyre to make a Berimbau?

-          Basic lesson to start playing your Berimbau

This amazing workshop will give you the great sensation of achievement at the end when you transform the raw material in a beautiful musical instrument.

This is a two days’ workshop happening on the following dates:

Saturday November 29th from 4.30pm to 8pm

Sunday November 30th from 12pm to 4pm

Contact us on for prices and group discounts or call 079 3177 0153



Date: 10-10-2014
Author: Admin


Contra-Mestre Tigrao will come to London/Kingston to run 3 days of workshops on 10, 11 and 12th of October!

3 days full of classes and question time with one of the top Capoeiristas in our group!

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are welcome and we will provide ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS with accommodation! please get in touch on to book your space.

looking forward to seeing you all there


Inst. Marcus Cabeca

Axe Capoeira at the Paralympics!

Date: 19-09-2012
Author: Tubarao

Since May this year, Professor Marcus Cabeça has been working with the company organising the performance for the Brazilian part of the flag handover of the closing ceremony of the Paralympics. He has been organising and coordinating the participation of members of the capoeira community in this amazing event.

Professor Marcus Cabeça is centre stage, holding the berimbau. Two of his students also took part and performed, watch out for them! Watch the video here: