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Piper Hall Open Day & Training

Date: 22-04-2015
Author: Alex

Salve Axe Capoeira Students!

As Professor is away in China with his Berimbau Workshop we will be focusing on MUSIC in training this week.


Batizado is nearly a month away! Now’s the time to knuckle down with your training and focus on your assessments!

We have an Open Day this Saturday @ 3PM, Piper Hall. This is a great opportunity for us to promote Axe Capoeira UK, so please come down if you can.

We will be organising a small Roda to show the public what we do best!

Batizado Rehearsals will still happen this Saturday, however they will most likely start later than usual. Please come down even if you are not performing, we have lots to do and your help will be very much appreciated!


Batizado 2015 (Grading Ceremony)

Date: 15-04-2015
Author: Alex

Salve Axe Capoeira UK & Worldwide Members!

We hope everyone has had a good easter. 

Our 7th Batizado (Graduation Ceremony) is 1 ½ months away!

The event will be taking place from 28th - 31st May.

Rehearsals for our Batizado Show have started last Saturday, 11th April at Piper Hall, Kingston and will run every Saturday untill the week of the event.

Please come down even if you are not performing, we have lots of preparation work to do and your help would be much appreciated! 

Also, we have been updating our Social Media. You can now follow us on: 






Alex Lewis - PR Manager

HAPPY 2015!!!

Date: 13-01-2015
Author: Professor

Salve Axé Capoeira UK Members,

We hope you all had a great time over Christmas and New Year.

Time now to focus in the new year's training path.

Batizado (Graduation) is in 6 months time, so let's get ready! ;-)

See you all in the classes this week